Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Alternative printer bed leveling

While I am waiting for the proper parts for leveling the print bed I came up with an alternative way. It's not something I would recommend if you have a heated print bed, but as I do not it's worth trying.

I found some packing foam and som IKEA cupboard bolts which should do the trick. The foam has the right springiness and by changing the size of the pieces you can get the proper resistance. Covering the whole back side of the bed was too much I found out.

Pink and stylish
Note the black drinking straws
Notice the four, black, drinking straws. These had the exact right diameter to match the predrilled holes and keeps everything nice and centered.

Before tightening of the bolts
First try. I found that since I had to tighten the rear bolts almost all the way the small pads of foam I started with weren't enough in the front.

After tightening of the rear side.
Added some more foam and the result turned out much better! Leveling took some time since tightening or loosening one screw affects the height of the nearby foam blocks so I had to re-measure and adjust the other bolts several times before it all was level. Still; I'm happy to be able to use the printer until I get some better parts.

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