Friday, July 31, 2015

FABtotum Filament Spool

Back from vacation and found some time to play around with 3D printing again. Made a filament spool that actually fit inside the FABtotum. The STL file can be found on Thingiverse.

Stringing is still an issue
The spool consists of two halves so you need to print the part twice.

Test fit.
This version of the spool fits nicely within the filament bay, but I'll probably modify the next version to make it a bit thinner. This way there's less chance of friction.

Parts "glued" together with the 3Doodler
 You need to glue the two halves together. I used a 3Doodler for the purpose, but a regular glue gun should do nicely.

1lb (about half a kg) of black filament winded.
I'm not sure how much filament the spool can hold but after adding about half a kg I would guess it could hold at least three times that amount.

Winding is also something that will have to be addressed in the next version. Maybe some attachment to fit it to a drill.