Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cleanup and Paint

We've been quite busy with work the last week so I haven't been able to do anything more with the SUMPOD build until today. So this is my weekend project. Get all the MDF parts cleaned up and painted.

Parts all done
The prepping was quite easy as the parts looked fairly good from the start. All I had to do was go over all the edges with 240-grit sanding paper. I also used an X-Acto knife where the spindle had left small deposits of wood/paper. I imagine either the tool-bit was a bit dull, the routing-speed had been too high or the MDF too soft. Anyway, some cleanup should be expected in any project :)

Next I assembled the main box from the top and bottom plate as well as the 4 walls. Since I still don't have access to assembly instructions I had to guess which way the top and bottom plates should face. I'll have a look on the SUMPOD site and double-check their images when I get the time.

First coat of primer applied
The painting was pretty straight-forward and I got confirmation what I've read on other blogs - MDF needs a lot of paint. I ended up using almost a full spray-can (500 ML) of primer on the first coat. I seriously hope I don't have to use that much for the next two coats.

Tomorrow I'll try to get the rest of the parts primed and also apply a second coat to the main body.

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