Saturday, November 12, 2011

SUMPOD unboxing

DIY 3D printing is all the rage these days and a while ago I ordered one of my own. Yesterday I finally received the SUMPOD so today it was time for unboxing! At first I thought the box was very small, but when I opened it up I was surprised by how much there was inside.

Not more than 36cm on the longest edge.

Box filled to the brim - a small sample of PLA wire on top (red).

First step was to lay out all the parts and try to get some feel of what I have gotten myself into - after all I'm supposed to assemble this myself. That includes painting and finishing all the MDF parts as well as soldering the controller electronics and finding suitable software. All without a manual ;)

All the parts. Great packing skills!
 Before I can start painting I need to do some basic cleanup though.

The overall finish is good, but some cleanup is needed.
Looking very much forward to starting the actual build :)

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