Sunday, December 4, 2011

Another Sumpod progress report

I've been a bit busy the last week so I've not been able to do much regarding the painting - other than adding a bit of filler for the holes in the sides of the MDF. Will buy more primer tomorrow.

I did however manage to start the soldering process. To get acquainted with my new soldering iron (FX-888 from Hakko) It was best to start with something simple - like soldering the "legs"/headers onto the Polulu stepper drivers.

Polulu driver.
After a couple of solder joints I could use the clamp. Please
excuse the lousy solder joints - still figuring this out.
These drivers are pretty small and light so it's a bit hard to get them soldered since you can't really hold them without attaching the headers first. Kind of a chicken and egg problem ;)

Using the Ramps board to hold the Polulu board.
A better way to do it is to use the Ramps board to hold the headers and then clamp that in the circuit board holder.

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