Saturday, January 7, 2012

Finally done painting

Its been a busy month with work and all, but today I managed to actually paint the SUMPOD. Yay!

Two 500 ml cans later all parts got had two layers of glossy white paint - just about enough to cover the gray primer. I would have liked to have one more coat, but the store was closed at this point.

The smaller parts still drying.
For the two-sided parts I found stringing the parts up with fishing-line made it easy to paint both sides without waiting for the paint to dry.

I'm not entirely happy with the finished result as can be seen in the picture below. Overall the finish is good, but on some of the edges I probably should have primed and sanded a couple more times. MDF apparently needs more than three coats of primer even though they looked okay before I started applying white paint.

Still some rough spots on the edges.
Next time I have to paint MDF I'll probably go over all the edges with filler first thing to fill all the small gaps before the first coat of primer. Or maybe I'll just use regular paint which is much thicker and will saturate the fibers much faster.

As for now It will have to be good enough - it's only a 3D printer yes? I might go back and fix this later, but for now it'll do. Onwards to the rest of the build!

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