Sunday, August 26, 2012

Successful Print

A small followup to Fridays post. I've been doing more printing and the print head clogs up roughly at the same time every time with the result of a ruined print and needing to yank out the PLA. The increased value of the extrusion-multiplier had nothing (or very little at least) to do with it either. After a failed attempt I measuring the temperature on the push fitting to 60 degrees C! Too hot to touch.

Aluminum foil heat sinks.
I had a couple of small heat sinks, but no thermal compound and way of fastening them so I brought out a sheet of aluminum foil which I folded, cut and attached to the print head.

I also added a fan blowing air over the improvised cooling solution. Not pretty, but as a proof of concept more than good enough. Press "Print" and wait...

Roghly three hours later I had my result:

A little bit of cleanup needed, but apart from that very nice.
Pretty much perfect! The print head oozes a bit so there's small bits/balls of plastic here and there that needs to be cleaned up, but over all I'm very pleased with the result.


Mark said...

Your printer looks awesome and cooling the Peek on the hot end is the way to go and you have proved that it works. The Peek insulator needs to be kept cool to stop PLA from swelling in the PTFE tube.


Atle Krogstad Berg said...

Thanks! The challenge here is to find an elegant solution to achieving this :)