Sunday, August 26, 2012

Successful Print

A small followup to Fridays post. I've been doing more printing and the print head clogs up roughly at the same time every time with the result of a ruined print and needing to yank out the PLA. The increased value of the extrusion-multiplier had nothing (or very little at least) to do with it either. After a failed attempt I measuring the temperature on the push fitting to 60 degrees C! Too hot to touch.

Aluminum foil heat sinks.
I had a couple of small heat sinks, but no thermal compound and way of fastening them so I brought out a sheet of aluminum foil which I folded, cut and attached to the print head.

I also added a fan blowing air over the improvised cooling solution. Not pretty, but as a proof of concept more than good enough. Press "Print" and wait...

Roghly three hours later I had my result:

A little bit of cleanup needed, but apart from that very nice.
Pretty much perfect! The print head oozes a bit so there's small bits/balls of plastic here and there that needs to be cleaned up, but over all I'm very pleased with the result.

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