Sunday, September 28, 2014

Playing around with decals

I came over some very cool wings in vector / eps format at and thought it would be a cool way to make my girlfriends laptop look spiffy.

Silhouette Studio, which comes with the vinyl cutter, is a bit finicky about which formats it will import so prep consists of opening the original eps in Illustrator and saving out an dxf file (Autodesk Autocad format).

The rest is easy, load up the file, scale to desired size and hit "print".

Superfluous vinyl removed

Transfer paper added

Final result on the laptop

The hardest part were actually to remove the vinyl with backing from the cutting mat, which is super sticky, so I'll have to work a bit on that to avoid ruining the artwork.

I'm pretty happy with the result, but in retrospect I would probably spend a little time changing the design a bit, making it higher, to create more space around the Apple logo. Oh, well, next time...

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