Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sanding and more paint

Today my friend Tom dropped by and helped out with sanding and prepping of the parts that got their first coat yesterday. This is definitely the most boring part of the assembly so thanks a lot Tom!

The first box of primer was almost out so we were lucky the last box was just enough to give all the small parts their first coat and the box it's second. Tomorrow I'll need to go buy another box.
Seems like the MDF has different quality since several pieces
needed 3-4 passes (wet-wet) before I had good coverage. 
Like Fixer I assembled the box before painting to avoid
getting paint, and swelling, where it's not needed.
The MDF still bristles (is that a word?) a bit, but one more
round of sanding and primer and we should be good.
Inside the box as well as the large surfaces outside are
good enough at this point.
Earlier today I came over the Renaissance Engineer blog which, lucky for me, has a complete assembly guide for putting together the SUMPOD. He's not quite done with the wiring instructions yet, but they are coming. I'll probably use the rest of this week to get the painting done anyway so there's no rush.
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