Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Largest print yet

I finished a 15-hour print yesterday. As it didn't finish Sunday, we had cinema tickets and I really don't want the printer to be running when I'm not in the room, I had to pause it and continue yesterday.

Designed in Autodesk Inventor
Pausing the print didn't pose a problem, except for the operator error. I wanted to increase the distance between the print head and the part, while the head cooled down, and indadvertedly pressed move z 10 mm in the wrong direction... The print head buried itself well and good into the model, but when I reversed the direction the damage wasn't too bad. After a bit of cleanup the next day I could continue the print. Kinda lucky there.

The print came out pretty good, except for two layers around the point where I paused and that's totally my fault. By being more careful I'm sure pausing a print will cause no artifacts in the future.

This print took quite a while and I'm pretty sure I can increase the print speed since it clocks in at about 14 mm/sec at the moment. If only there was an option in Slic3r where it would speed up on longer stretches and then slow down around bends or where it goes back and forth rapidly. One for the wish list.

Oh, and what is it you might ask? Its a new stepper motor holder for the y-axis on my Sumpod.

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