Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Slow Regard of Silent Things

What a great read! As every great story it leaves you a bit sad at the end - not because the story itself, but because the book has ended and you want to stay in that universe with those characters a little while longer.

I love the Kingkiller Chronicle's as well, but this book is something else entirely. Mr. Rothfuss wrote in his introduction to the book, and repeated again in the after word, that this book "doesn't do a lot of the things a classic story is supposed to do". That may be, but I don't think it could have been told any other way either. How you tell the story is as much a part of what makes a great story as the story itself.

This book lands near the top of my favourite book-pile in good company with great storytellers like Neil Gaiman. Five stars easily!

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